What's included in the Westmead Redevelopment?

Head to our Our Story page and the Projects pages of the website to find lots of information. Also head to our Fact Sheet section, under our News & Publications menu. Read the Stage 1 overview and the overview of the central acute services building fact sheet.

Still can't find what you are looking for? Then, please contact us. If you are a staff member of either Westmead Hospital or The Children's Hospital at Westmead you might find useful information on the Staff page or intranets. 

Is more parking included in the Westmead Redevelopment?

Yes. A new multi-storey car park is under construction at the Mons Road end of the site. This is the area allocated for services which support the hospital, including parking. There will be direct access from this car park into Westmead Hospital. 

The new multi-storey car park is eight storeys high and will see a significant increase to car parking spaces at Westmead.

Read more on our car parking page.

Will there be fewer car parking spaces during redevelopment?

Work is being carefully planned to ensure we maintain our current parking levels during redevelopment. A new temporary car park is being planned to reprovision parking during construction. With the completion of the new multi-storey car park, in quarter four of 2017, there will be an increase in available car parking at Westmead. 

Read more on our car parking page.

What about public transport?

With up to 50,000 people expected to be working in the Westmead precinct by 2036, good public transport is critical to the success of the precinct transformation. The Westmead Redevelopment is one of a number of partners involved in consulting with NSW Government about improving public transport.

Read more on our transport page. Read more about the Westmead precinct, one of the largest health, research and education precincts in the world.

Will there be more beds?

Yes, there will be more inpatient beds to manage increased demand for hospital services due to our rapidly growing population. People are living longer with chronic and complex conditions, which is also increasing demand for services. But as well as more inpatient beds, we'll also be considering ways to keep people out of hospital, reduce the length of hospital stays, and expand outpatient (ambulatory care) services and services offered in the home.

Read more about the project on our Stage 1 fact sheet, found on our fact sheets page. Read about the acute services building on the new hospital building project page.

Are staff and community members involved in the planning?

Yes, more than 2,500 clinicians, staff and community members have already been consulted about the Westmead Redevelopment. Check out our recent planning videos at our video gallery page and on our YouTube channel.

Yes are talking to patients, carers, visitors and volunteers about the project. If you would like to be involved, or read recent stories, visit our community participation page.

Check out our recent planning videos at our video gallery page and on our YouTube channel.

Are you looking for maps or directions to Westmead?

Visit our map page for up-to-date maps and transport information. If you are looking for directions to our project office, called the Integrated Project Office, you'll find information there too.

How are we managing noise, dust and asbestos during construction?

Download our factsheet which provides information. You can contact us with any questions or concerns. If you are a staff member, at Westmead Hospital or The Children's Hospital at Westmead, we have ongoing staff forums where you can also ask questions. Dates for upcoming staff forums are loaded to our staff page of this website.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.

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