Community insights shared during Hospital Week

Posted 30 Aug 2016
Guest speaker, Louisa Hope, Lindt Café siege survivor and health consumer

The Westmead Redevelopment is committed and constantly seeking consumer partnerships and involvement across the project. Last week it was great to listen to Louisa Hope, Lindt Café siege survivor and health consumer, was one of the many guest speakers at the Consumer Driven Healthcare Symposium held on 25 August during Hospital Week.

Every year Western Sydney Health District (WSLHD) runs an exciting Hospital Week program. For the first time this year’s program included the Consumer Driven Healthcare Symposium. Speakers covered topics across consumer representation, advocacy and community engagement including youth focussed work.

Kittu Randhawa, WSLHD consumer representative and Chief Executive of the Indian Crisis Support Agency, shared lessons learned about multicultural community engagement.

William Bagatcholon, WSLHD consumer representative and Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association Project Officer, discussed lessons learned in multicultural programs including the Small Stone Project.

John Garbutt, President of the Stroke Recovery Association and Director of Health Consumers NSW, reflected on his personal stroke experiences including treatment, recovery and support work with the community.

Louisa Hope discussed her post-Lindt Café siege hospital experience, which included multiple surgeries and a three month stay. She also discussed her fundraising experiences that have resulted in new cardiac equipment for the Prince of Wales Foundation and a smartphone health and wellness app for nurses.

She discussed her passion for spreading positive community messages about multicultural society and harmony following the siege.

She noted the role that Westmead can play, “Anything that will help us build our glorious multiculturalism … [Westmead] is the centre of the world now in our city, increasingly so, and as the future happens, it will be much more so. It’s a good time to be here and with you,” she said.

Dr Coralie Wales said, “I really enjoyed haring from a range of health consumers including great presentations from a couple of young leaders who remind me how important it is to partner inter-generationally.”


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The Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association offers a range of information and services including advocacy support. For example, if you have housing issue or are under financial hardship after being in the hospital, they may be able to help. Their toll free number is 1800 629 072.