Consumers' technology vision

Posted 02 Aug 2016


A ‘Nurse Siri’, apps that track patient waiting and discharge times, electronic food ordering systems, and new medication ordering systems were just a few of the technology ideas suggested by consumers at a recent workshop.

Last month Deloitte facilitated a consumer workshop to discuss how ICT could be used to transform Westmead—both now and in the future. Consumers brainstormed how current and new technology could improve the patient, carer and visitor experiences before, during and after a hospital visit.

Other suggestions included new ways for patients and carers to access medical records, information and check in kiosks and signage with multiple languages and infographics. Consumers discussed re-charging zones for mobile devices and tablets for children and families in waiting areas. A system to circulate digital infection control and health-related messages was another idea. How to use technology to improve patient comfort was discussed in detail with ideas including improved acoustics in spaces through better design combined with technology including better noise control for patient entertainment systems.

“Technology on its own is not the solution for everything,” said workshop participant Dipti Zachariah.

“Technology solutions without consideration of basic human emotions, behaviour, needs and experiences is not going to work. For example, hospital is not a fun experience for most people. As a patient you are likely to be anxious and may be emotional. If there is an overly complex kiosk to check in at the entry, it will not work. In that moment, what to a computer programmer may seem like a relatively simple task, actually may cause great stress if the design is not right. If a patient is with a carer or loved one, it may be up to them to enter information at this point.”

She continued, “Any kiosk or other ICT systems we design for the new buildings must be easy to read, easy to navigate and be designed with the end user in mind — no technology for technology sake.”

The workshop follows on from and builds on work undertaken earlier in the year for the Digital Hospital Investment and Implementation Plan for the Westmead Redevelopment Stage 1 and the current work underway for the Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital Expansion Stage 2 planning. The many ideas and discussions from this workshop will inform technology and broader planning for the Westmead Redevelopment.

Do you have a technology idea or solution to a problem?

If you have any ideas about how ICT can transform patient, carer and visitor experiences, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact the Westmead Redevelopment Project Team at or 1800 990 296.

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Workshop participants stand in front of sticky notes with their many technology ideas for transforming Westmead and Blacktown.

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