Maintenance team gets ready for A3a

Members of Westmead Hospital’s maintenance team at the staff station

Westmead Hospital’s A3a opens in September—the new home of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

A number of final site tours, testing and training is underway—including testing the nurse call and other alert and emergency systems, programming patient information screens and checking newly installed medical equipment. Staff are testing and familiarising themselves with new equipment and spaces, to ensure staff and patients are prepared for the relocation.

Quotes from the maintenance team

Dean Benke, Westmead Hospital's maintenance manager:

“The encouraging thing has been the improved interface between projects, health infrastructure and maintenance. We’ve been involved in the project life cycle from the very beginning. There’s been coordinated assistance provided when the project team needed assistance from the maintenance team—when they found challenges that arose, they came to us. The site tours have helped us to raise any issues along the way, which will create an effective handover to Westmead Hospital.”

Glenn Mather, Westmead Hospital’s maintenance supervisor:

“When we started the job, the project team asked us what we do. We’ve listened to each other and we’ve worked together as a team instead of as separate groups. We now have regular meetings on Wednesdays with all the companies working across Westmead Hospital. They tell us what they want and what they require, and the reverse. There’s a partnership approach now, rather than them and us.”


Story note

Note on photograph: No personal protective equipment was required on-site during this visit.

Westmead Hospital Refurbishment Program

The A3a refurbishment is part of the Westmead Hospital refurbishment program. Read more at our project page.