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WECC Commissioning: Preparing for Handover

The final phase of preparation for the opening of the Westmead Education and Conference Centre (WECC) has seen the completion of building commissioning and the continuation of operational commissioning.

Building commissioning is when the builders ensure that things like I.T., power and air-conditioning are working. Operational commissioning is when staff, and in this case also students, prepare to work in the new physical environment.

The building commissioning process for WECC has involved testing services including power, water and air conditioning to ensure that everything operates to design specification. It also involves project managers and users undertaking walkthroughs to identify any issues that need to be addressed prior to hand-over.

Operational commissioning of the space has involved key stakeholder engagement with:

  • Planning and getting ready for service
  • Site tours
  • Orientation of the area
  • Training and education
  • Risk mitigation

“It’s exciting to see how the brand new space will operate and how staff and students will be able to interact with the technology and purpose-built learning zones,” nurse educator Matt Han said.

“Walking around with the project team to view the new areas – it’s clear to see how it’s going to offer new opportunities for education, training and research at Westmead. We’re fortunate to have these kind of purpose-built spaces at the precinct and I think staff and students are really going to see the benefits and reap the rewards.”

University of Sydney students Grace Pellen and Jessica Heinius were also given a tour through the new zones.

“We really enjoyed seeing the new WECC facility! New facilities are always exciting, but this new space is really well thought out and we’re able to see how students’ needs were considered at each design step. Having all these study specific areas will enhance our learning experience. When hoarding first came down earlier this week, we were all quite excited, and cannot wait to use it,” Grace said.

“The cabaret teaching room was a special favourite of ours. It encourages group learning, whilst also incorporating state of the art technology and access to lecturer expertise. We enjoyed learning about the unique sound insulation on the walls and ceiling, which will facilitate group learning and encourage active listening and engagement,” Jessica added.

“The community feel of the new space will increase peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and collaboration is an incredibly important component of medical, nursing and allied health studies. It is exciting that Westmead now has a great space that will facilitate a robust student community. It will definitely make Westmead the ‘place to be’ for learning in the health sector.”

The WECC is a University designed and funded space available to all students and staff participating in education, training and research at Westmead. We’ll have more exciting news in the lead up to WECC’s opening in September, so stay tuned!

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