westmead's furniture future put to ultimate test

They poked, they prodded, they stretched out and lounged about. Above all else, the steady stream of visitors to the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Open Days tested some of the new resources eager to find a home in Westmead’s new hospital.

The prototype shed on Dragonfly Drive opened its large grey roller door for all comers to trial patients’ beds and recliners, trauma trolley beds and carers’ lounges.

And the numbers to take up the challenge over the two days didn’t disappoint. Nor did the units represented from across the precinct and interest from beyond.

One family from Rouse Hill made the effort to attend while an Inverell nurse won the prize for the health professional furthest from home.

Closer to the precinct, Westmead Redevelopment turned on two spring-like days to help entice teams from across the health and education hub to quiz the eight vendors and inspect equipment that may end up in the Central Acute Services Building (CASB).

Emergency Department (ED) physicians, clinicians, consumers, cleaners, orderlies, maintenance, wards people and bio medical engineers were just some of those on hand to share their thoughts.

“They’ve come from everywhere,” Westmead Redevelopment Project Director of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Leanne Creighton said.

“It’s been a worthwhile event. Everyone’s touching, feeling, asking questions and looking at brochures… they’re getting excited about the new hospital.”

Leanne said the event’s online surveys helped capture these thoughts and gauge opinions. Open day visitors either filled out a questionnaire after viewing the items or took up the offer to take a supplied ipad with them on the tour to provide real-time responses.

“This gives us some great feedback to get the right equipment to fit the spaces plus look at the dual-purpose of many of the products,” she said.

“It’s been great to get a lot of different perspectives, from clinical and non-clinical staff and visitors.”

Vendors were also quick to applaud the open days.

Jayden Gage from Dalcross Medical Equipment said it was a great opportunity to meet hospital staff and discuss their differing needs.

“From a vendor’s perspective, we get to hear the staff feedback and the everyday challenges they face,” Jayden said.

“And it's a great chance for hospital staff to view, test and experience new products and designs. It's a win-win for all!”

The open days also provided another chance for everyone to take a sneak peek into Westmead’s near future via the prototype rooms.

“We had plenty of interested visitors plus key ED people taking their teams through the prototype rooms explaining why they replaced one piece of equipment with another,” Leanne said. “It’s them leading their own changes – and that’s most important.”

Survey results will now be collated and presented to the clinical and non-clinical selection committee.

FFE Open Days registered attendance breakdown -
Day one: 78
Day two: 59
Total: 137
Nursing staff 44.44%
Consumer/ community member/ patient 11.11%
Medical staff 5.56%
Allied Health staff 14.81%
Administrative staff 5.56%
Work Health and Safety / Risk management Unit staff 5.56%
Infection Control staff 0.00%
Corporate services/ general services staff 7.41%
Other (please specify) 5.56%


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