Westmead Hospital refurbishments in 2018 - part 2

Audiology staff in a new audiology testing room

Photo above: Audiology staff during handover from the Westmead Redevelopment - head of audiology Monica Gibian, senior audiologist Mitchell Adair and Hardeep Kaur audiology administrative officer in a new audiology testing room.

The Westmead Redevelopment project team and clinical leaders are transforming Westmead Hospital through a refurbishment program which includes a new ear, nose and throat and audiology department.

Below is a detailed breakdown of refurbishment projects underway in 2018 and their expected timeframes. This story is part two of a two-part story. Read part one.

Refurbishment summaries and timeframes

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Audiology (E2)

The ENT and Audiology departments are moving from level 1 (clinic G) to level 2 (E2) into a refurbished space near the University Clinics.

Moving day is Tuesday, 23 January 2018. The department will re-open in its new home in E2 near the University Clinics on Wednesday, 24 January 2018 for emergency treatment. Routine appointments will start from Monday, 29 January 2018.

Construction work has been completed and final adjustments, plus installations and testing of equipment, is underway.

The refurbished area includes a procedure room for ENT, two specialised audiology testing rooms, five consultation rooms, a shared non-clinical work room, cleaning and storage areas.

Inpatient unit (IPU B6)

This space is being refurbished to update the facilities and amenities for it to be reinstated as a functioning ward. This means the relocation of B3a and B3c surgical wards and associated rooms to this area.

Construction will continue in 2018 and will impact surrounding wards and services. Work is expected to be completed in March 2018.

The unit will include 64 beds and will provide care for a range of patients recovering from surgical procedures including; vascular; ear, nose and throat (ENT); plastics; head and neck; colorectal; and upper gastrointestinal procedures. The area includes new meeting rooms, flexible working offices and new bariatric bedrooms.

The unit includes a collaborative workspace that will used in multidisciplinary education, training and research, as well as handover and department meetings.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Expansion (D3) and Admin (E3)

This expansion will relocate beds from B5b (Medical High Dependency Unit) and A3c (Surgical High Dependency Unit).

In February 2018, planning will commence for the ICU expansion into D3. Construction is expected to commence in the second half of 2018 and be completed and operations in 2019.

There will be 22 flexible level 1 to level 3 ICU beds. All of the patient rooms in this area will be single patient rooms with ensuites. The refurbished space also includes office and storage areas, nurse’s stations and clinical rooms.

Gastroenterology Comprehensive Care Centre expansion (A3c)

In October 2017, the Gastroenterology unit relocated to new facilities in A3a, which included the Gastroenterology Day Centre (outpatients’ day clinic). It included 16 beds plus clinical space. It is part one of a gastroenterology refurbishment.

Planning is underway for the part two expansion into A3c. Construction is expected to start early 2019 and be completed in the same year.

The new area will include 24 new inpatient beds and staff support zones.

Centre for Adolescent and Young Adult Health (E2)

The centre, located within a refurbished area of Westmead Hospital (E2), will be a welcoming place for young people (between ages 12 and 24) with complex illnesses, and their families, to seek information and receive treatment as they transition from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to Westmead Hospital.

Planning is underway, with detailed design starting soon. Site preparation and construction is expected to start in 2019.

The centre will include a welcoming reception area, a large multi-purpose space for patients and families, staff hub and zones, ten consultation and teaching rooms, two treatment rooms with ensuites, four interview rooms and storage areas.

Aged Care expansion including a new Aged Care Behavioural Management Unit (D4c)

This project expands the current Aged Care department in D4. The new space will include a specialised Aged Care Behavioural Management Unit and refurbishment of the Geriatric Inpatient Unit. Detailed design is commencing soon. Construction will start in 2018 with completion expected in 2019.

The expanded Geriatric Inpatient Unit will include 10 acute aged beds and an 8 bed Behavioural Management Unit. The Behavioural Management Unit is a specialised unit which will provide a safe clinical zone for the care of patients with severe behavioural disturbances and dementia. This unit will have a range of special features and amenities including a sensory room, a large patient and family lounge and a bespoke outdoor courtyard created for the wellbeing of patients.

There will be a refurbishment of the spaces along the D4 corridor to provide a revitalised staff support zone, this area will provide valuable education, training and research support space and staff recharge and work areas.

Transit Lounge expansion (G1)

The Transit Lounge planned will provide transfer and discharge facilities for patients who are accessing Westmead Hospital and the new central acute services building. The space is an easily accessible space which is located near the external pick-up/drop-off zone. The Lounge will have 10 beds and 20 chairs in an open-plan area.

Detailed design will start in February 2018. Construction is expected to start in January 2019 and be complete prior to the opening of the central acute services building (which opens in 2020).

Western Sydney Local Health District Nursing and Clinical Support Service and executive offices (E2)

The Westmead Executive Unit will be refurbished to include a zone for the Nursing and Clinical Support Service, including patient flow and after hours nurse managers. The Nursing and Clinical Support Service will be strategically located near one of the new linkways connecting Westmead Hospital to the central acute services building.

Early stages of planning are underway. Construction schedules and dates are to be advised.

Loading Dock

Westmead Hospital’s loading dock will be refurbished to improve capacity and efficiency. This is important as it will be the key loading dock serving both Westmead Hospital and the new central acute services building. Upgrades will focus on changes to a number of back of house departments and zones including linen, waste, food, stores and supplies. The aim is to work with the many departments so they can continue to review and improve how they deliver their services and undertake their day-to-day functions.

Early stages of planning are underway. Construction schedules and dates are to be advised.

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