Hospital Planning Pushes Ahead

Posted 04 Jul 2016


The planning phase is ramping up for the Westmead Redevelopment. The first of many plans are heading off for approval before going to the architect.

Over 20 Project User Groups (PUGs) have commenced work on plans for the new acute services building – part of the planning phase called Schematic Design.

Members of PUGs are drawn from departments and services across Western Sydney Local Health District and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. They include consumers, doctors, nurses, allied health staff, support staff and planners.

During June 2016 PUGs reviewed and finalised their functional briefs, which explain to the architects how each department delivers care, what the important physical relationships are and what types of rooms are needed. The architects use the functional brief to draw up the initial plans which detail the high level layout of departments and services.

Always ahead of the game, on 22 June the first of our PUGs signed off on their schematic design plans. That PUG was the Healthcare for Older People Earlier (HOPE) PUG. Members are pictured here celebrating the milestone.

During the schematic design phase we start to see detail around the layout of departments and services. Floor plans have areas marked in big blocks that indicate departments, functional areas and spaces like lifts and walkways. The schematic design phase is expected to wrap up by the end of October.

"It's great that we could lead the way and be number one," joked Dr Ray Cabela the HOPE PUG champion.

The new building will include a purpose designed 12 bed unit for the care of older people. This unit is collocated with the Emergency Department, which will be a game changer for Westmead.

Dr Cabela continued, "Yes, we're part of planning a hospital and that includes what and who goes where in a building. It's also a chance to review our models of care. All the PUGs see this as a great chance to deliver the best care for our patients - to be the best in Australia and world-leading."

"As a result of our PUG's extensive planning we will minimise the length of stay in Emergency for older patients. What an exciting time to be involved," he said.

Between now and September 2016 PUGs will be reviewing and amending plans, like the ones pictured here. There are work-in-progress plans for each of the 12 floors plus the new public plaza that will face Hawkesbury Road and for the refurbishment program.

The project team sends our congratulations to the HOPE PUG!