Westmead designs on exhibition

Posted 27 Jul 2016


The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Westmead Redevelopment is on exhibition and the community can give their feedback.

The exhibition period for the EIS process is a public consultation process required for all large infrastructure projects.

Project plans and other information is publically shared via a website and via the local council office during a 30 day consultation period. Community members can make a formal submission to raise questions and make recommendations regarding the development proposal.

The type of information on display includes architectural plans and artist's impressions for the outside of the proposed new buildings, plans for landscaping and public transport connections, and information to address potential impacts for local residents. The process and documents also covers how noise, vibration and contamination are managed during construction.

Information on display includes details of the:

  • construction of a new acute services building
  • new entrance to the acute services building which includes a forecourt area with two levels of underground car parking, drop-off and pick-up areas, and landscaping
  • details of an new Innovation Centre
  • a helipad on roof of the new hospital building
  • overhead pedestrian links to Westmead Hospital and The Children's Hospital at Westmead
  • a loading dock accessible from Redbank Road.


To view the EIS document and to make a submission go to the NSW Planning & Environment website. Submissions close 19 August 2016.

Get involved

Community feedback is essential for major health infrastructure projects like the Westmead Redevelopment.

We are looking for community members to get involved in the planning and design process. Dozens of community members are currently working as members of references groups involved in all stages of planning. Community members bring important insights into how areas can be designed and how patient and carer experiences can be improved. The smallest suggestions can make a big difference, like adding a patient lounge, widening a door or creating a place for visitors of long-term patients to make a cup of tea.

Some community members volunteer their time via face-to-face meetings while some give feedback online through online surveys and by reviewing documents. We are looking for lots of different ages, cultural and language backgrounds and life experiences. If you are a carer of someone with a chronic illness, have been a patient, work in the health or community sector, or have a passion for improving the health of western Sydney … we want to hear from you!

Find out more about getting involved. 

Photo notes

This image is an artist's impression of the new forecourt, hospital building and Innovation Centre.

Photo gallery

Below is a selection of artist's impressions of the Westmead precinct and new buildings. If you have difficulties viewing these you can also visit our gallery page.

Artist's impression of forecourt, acute services building and Innovation Centre
Artist's impression of Westmead precinct with new forecourt, acute services building and Innovation Centre
Artist's impression of emergency department entrance in acute services building
Artist's impression of linkway in acute services building which links to the two existing hospitals
Artist's impression of main entry to acute services building