Cooling towers go in

Posted 08 Jun 2016


A video camera, mounted high on the walls of Westmead Hospital, has captured the installation of four new large-scale cooling towers.

A crane had to slowly lift the two-storey-high towers onto the roof of a building behind the hospital, taking two days to complete the exercise.

Oversized trucks, carrying the towers and installation materials, arrived onsite at 4am on Saturday, May 28 before the crane started lifting the towers onto the building at 6.30am.

The work continued on Saturday, June 4 and was carried out on the weekend to minimise disruption to hospital patients, visitors and staff.

A mounted video camera captured the whole event, providing an exciting time-lapse of the installation.

The new cooling towers form part of early works for the Westmead redevelopment, which are seeing major upgrades to essential services including communications, power and gas.

Westmead Hospital general manager Andrew Newton said the cooling towers replaced the hospital's existing towers, which had reached the end of their life.

"The towers' role is to provide cooling for the hospital to ensure there is enough supply during peak times," he said.

"The coolers produce chilled water, which is pumped through service tunnels to the hospital's air conditioning units."

Other early works being carried out as part of the Westmead Redevelopment include building new access roads and upgrading and expanding staff car parking facilities.

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