Western sydney health check podcast finger on The Pulse

The latest health information and expert opinion is being delivered direct to your ears with a new podcast launched by Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

With more than 4000 listeners so far, Western Sydney Health Check features weekly interviews with leading minds across the district, taking on the big topics in modern healthcare - and it’s brought to you by the team behind The Pulse.

WSLHD Corporate Communications director and podcast co-host Sia Anthopoulos said the 15-20 minute time slot kept episodes punchy and interesting while also giving guests time to dig deeper than they normally would.

“We’re blessed with an abundance of talent and brainpower in western Sydney,” Sia said.

“It really is a privilege to hear some of the insights from these brilliant minds as we delve behind the scenes of the health district in what is a new format for our team.

“We’ve been aspiring to launch a podcast for a while, and then the COVID-19 pandemic showed just how important it was to reach the public with timely and accurate information in every medium possible.

“It’s been an incredibly busy time for everyone so we’re really grateful to the thousands of people who have given up their time to record or listen to an episode already.

“So far the podcast has focused on COVID-19, like nearly everything else in the world, but we’ll definitely be turning our attention to other interesting topics very soon.”

A growing number of episodes are now available on The Pulse and wherever you get your podcasts, including Spotify and Buzzsprout.

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