Science across westmead creates new world of wonder

It often surprises people how easily science and art, the unlikeliest of friends, go hand in hand.

Through science, we’re able to see how the beauty of nature extends beyond the human eye, existing from the microscopic level to the broader horizon.

The Art of Science Competition, facilitated across the Westmead Research Hub (WRH), aims to remind us of this fact.

The competition offers a great way to draw attention to recent work, or simply show off the fun side of science research.

This year’s organiser Josh Studdert says it’s about “creating a story through the research you do”.

The competition is centred on the sharing of images and videos reflective of recent work by those in the WRH.

The Art of Science Competition is all-inclusive, with a category for everyone. The four categories to enter this year are:

1 Digital Imaging (e.g. microscopy);

2 Data Visualisation (e.g. infographics, graphs);

3 Science Life (lab fun, Westmead landscape);

4 Short Video.

The Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) has boasted winners in several of these categories, including Fiona Yang in Digital Imaging, and Dale Cross in Science Life.

So, what are you waiting for?

Entries in The Art of Science Competition can be submitted through the Westmead Research Hub website until Sunday 9 August.

If the incentive of sharing the beauty of science is not enough for potential participants, winners of each category receive a $200 gift card. Enter the competition at:

Pictured top: Creative minds ... CMRI scientist Dale Cross won the 2019 Science Life category with this image.

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