Progress drives new Uni Clinics loop at Westmead Hospital

Traffic changes to the road leading into the University Clinics at Westmead Hospital, off Hawkesbury Road, will come into effect from Monday 3 June.

Drivers will continue to access the University Clinics via the current road. But instead of exiting at the same point, the road will operate as a one-way loop around the construction zone for the new hospital forecourt (see markings shown above).

Vehicles will exit back onto Hawkesbury Road next to the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR), 100 metres north of the entrance point.

So enter in from Hawkesbury Road on the left of the photo above and exit out on the right.

Clear signage and road markings will be in place. Traffic controllers will also be on hand during the first week of the change to help direct and assist drivers.

The parking spaces in front of the University Clinics will also change. There will be:

  • Two Patient Transport Service (PTS) vehicle parking spaces;

  • Six 15-minute parking spaces.

Six parking spaces in the adjacent P4 carpark will also be converted to 30-minute only to assist with Uni Clinics drop-offs.

There will continue to be long-term and disabled parking in the P4 carpark. Access to P4 will remain via the University Clinics road.

The changes have been made to better manage an increase in traffic over coming years and support the new hospital forecourt, the landscaped area in front of the central acute services building (CASB).

For more information, call the Westmead Redevelopment project office on 1800 990 296 or email