Clinical Simulation Underway at Westmead Hospital

Posted 29 Nov 2016
Simulation patient room used in test exercises

Last Wednesday staff tested an advanced life support scenario in Westmead Hospital. This test was part of the Westmead Redevelopment planning process for the new hospital building.

Staff from the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) simulation lab and doctors and nurses from Westmead Hospital came together in a new purpose-built testing space.

This exercise was part of testing for the new inpatient unit in the central acute services building which opens in 2020.

The new single patient room was constructed and fitted out with beds, trolleys and medical equipment to replicate the new rooms.

The simulation team ran a mock scenario of a deteriorating patient to test how staff will work within the spaces. Participants were able to get a feel of how they will move, access and interact with staff and medical equipment.

This test also showed how far the planning process has progressed and has outlined improvements which are still required before designs are finalised.

“This exercise made the planning process very real for the participants. There are some things you just can’t test while looking at a floor plan,“ said Nathan Moore, Nurse Educator Simulation, from the WSLHD simulation lab.

“Our scenario participants were selected from across Westmead Hospital’s inpatient unit, members of project user groups (called PUGs) and the Westmead Redevelopment project team. The results of today will feed back directly into ongoing planning and design work. This information is crucial for the architects and will influence many decisions — right down to the choice and placement of equipment and height of trolleys and storage.”

Other tests like this scenario will continue with a full range of staff, clinicians students and consumers throughout 2017 and into the new hospital building.

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