Lean project produces abundant benefits

Lean and Clean ... Daniel Williams and Christine Lloyd from the Intensive Care Unit.

The visual differences are indisputable – the 6S Lean Storeroom project has again proven a masterstroke to reduce waste and uncover savings.

Phase 5 of the award-winning program didn’t disappoint with major transformations in the Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory Ward, Cardiology Step Down Unit, and the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory.

Western Sydney Local Health District Innovation and Redesign co-ordinator Hayley Manyu described the “before and after” differences as stunning following a one-day training session at Baxter Healthcare and two days reshaping the storerooms.

Of course, the project is about far more than visual amenity. Staff safety is improved and the reconfiguration of storeroom layouts means better workflow and accessibility for staff, plus redundant items no longer needed are relocated to other areas of need within the WSLHD.

With so many tangible outcomes produced, it was also apparent the 6S strategy – sort, straighten, shine, standardise, sustain and safety – also unearthed personal benefits.

“It’s about accomplishing something,” said Lena Najdovski, ward clerk in A5A.

“There’s a certain pride you take in your workplace that helps you accomplish more.”

“I couldn’t wait to get in here and make a difference,” said Mathias Langer, nursing unit manager in the respiratory ward.

“I’m tired now but it’s been great to get in, sort it out, clear the way, and now donate and give away what we don’t need here.”

Project sponsor Amanda Green said staff satisfaction and safe working spaces were an important facet of the program.

“Staff need to be proud of the environment in which they work. This project helps set that expectation,” the acting director of operations of Critical Care and Medicine said.

“It’s all part of the new models of care as we refurbish this part of the hospital and transition services into the new building (the Central Acute Services Building).”

Westmead Redevelopment director of Redesign & Transformation Carla Edwards said the Lean storeroom program was part of Westmead’s overarching change program.

“This project is an undoubted success, largely due to the sponsors, leadership, and the drive and enthusiasm provided by the amazing staff,” she said.


The `before' evidence ... the intensive care unit, cardiology step down unit, respiratory ward, and the cardiac catheter laboratory.


The `after' glow ... (from left) Amanda Green flanked by Kelly Bivona and Lena Najdovski in the step down unit; Mathias Langer and Jennifer Lau in the respiratory ward; and Ina Pandit and Tamara Claxton in the cardiac catheter laboratory.

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