Westmead Redevelopment, staff plan for October 2020 hospital move

Timing is everything. The opening date of the Central Acute Services Building (CASB) is now official and the commissioning workshops to prepare staff for the relocation in to the new hospital have worked hand in hand over the past few weeks.

The four-workshop series to support staff for the CASB move wound up with sessions to identify the program’s super users, discuss their roles and responsibilities, and assess departmental preparedness as the 20 October 2020 opening becomes reality.

Director of Commissioning for the Westmead Redevelopment Sacha Mott and project co-ordinator Jessica El Gawly explained workshop 4 - Assessment of Departmental Preparedness – outlined the impact of key tasks on everyday operations and what resourcing might look like.

“We need each department to start looking at each small piece of the pie to give them the initial overview as we move towards go live,” Sacha said.

Jessica said it was also an important opportunity to provide staff with time frames – “what needs to occur and in what order”.

Clinical nurse consultant Richard Conway was also on hand to offer perspective and responses around advanced life support while LHD Disaster Manager Caren Friend provided a behind-the-scenes planning overview for precinct-wide emergency and disaster responses and next steps.

Sacha said it was important to provide scenarios and experiences from as broad a spectrum as possible.

“This workshop helps give staff a heads-up about how their Hospital Operational Commissioning (HOC) period will look and uses the language to make them as comfortable as possible,” she said.

She described the four-workshop series as a success based on several factors.

“It’s been received extremely well by staff. There’s been so many different disciplines and groups in the rooms to start the conversations – whether it’s what pharmacy needs or ED finds really important. Staff realise this transition is a team effort.

“This collaborative approach across every department has ensured the project’s success and underlined the desire to continue best-practice health care.”

And the next steps?

“We’ll now go back to each group monthly,” Sacha said.

“It’s about working in a structured way to build their respective move plans, visualise what they look like and address key issues and risks to build on their departmental preparedness.”

If you have questions or suggestions, raise them with your PUG via your supervisor or talk to the Westmead Redevelopment team.

Contact Sacha.Mott@health.nsw.gov.au or Jessica.ElGawly@health.nsw.gov.au