Short stay redevelopment set to start

Posted 25 Sep 2015
The much-anticipated short stay redevelopment will begin in October.
This project will be the first clinical area to be redeveloped as part of the Westmead Project.
It includes expansion of the existing Emergency Short Stay Unit (ESSU) and the Healthcare for Older People Earlier (HOPE) unit to help meet increasing demand for services.
“The redevelopment will give us improved sightlines and more capacity,” said HOPE registered nurse Miao.
Staff and consumer representatives were consulted about the plan and their suggestions were incorporated into the final design.
“In HOPE, staff expressed a need for a higher proportion of beds for geriatric patients and we were able to accommodate that while also looking at the innovative use of chairs in short stay so we can retain flexibility,” said Westmead Redevelopment project officer Caleb Teh.
“Patients will be more comfortable and the area will better suit the model of care.”
The redevelopment will involve some demolition and noisy construction but work will be scheduled in a way that reduces the impact on staff and patients as much as possible.
“There may be some minor inconvenience from time to time such as corridor changes or noise. It will be short-term but people still need to be prepared,” Caleb explained.
Work areas and redirections will be clearly signposted, changes will be widely promoted and processes are in place if any issues arise.
“This is just the beginning for the redevelopment at Westmead.
“We need everyone to be patient and if there are any problems or issues relating to the works, escalate your concerns to your manager so we can resolve them quickly,” Caleb said.

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