Western Sydney Partnership Cements Future as Leader in Innovation

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A new partnership between the Sydney Science Park and the Westmead precinct will connect leading scientific research with innovative business and bring tens of thousands of jobs to Western Sydney.

Minister for Education Rob Stokes today welcomed a partnership agreement signed between Celestino, the developer of the Sydney Science Park, and the Westmead precinct’s seven health, education and research organisations.

Mr Stokes said the agreement would create organisational, professional and research links between these two significant campuses in Western Sydney.

“The partnership between the Westmead precinct and Sydney Science Park cements western Sydney as a world-leader in research and innovation,” he said.

“The rapid growth of western Sydney requires the creation of more high-quality, knowledge-based jobs; it is precincts like Westmead and Sydney Science Park that will provide these jobs of the future.”

Westmead is one of the largest health, education, and research precincts in Australia. It includes Western Sydney Local Health District, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Westmead Private Hospital, University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, Westmead Institute for Medical Research and Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Western Sydney Local Health District chief executive Danny O’Connor, representing the precinct, said the arrangement would connect Sydney Science Park’s planned venture capital network with Westmead’s health, research and education offerings.

“The Westmead precinct has already produced a high number of successful research and clinical innovation projects and this partnership will further enhance healthcare outcomes for western Sydney and NSW, as well as establish Western Sydney as a leader in innovation and centre of knowledge jobs in NSW.”

Celestino CEO John Vassallo said the partnership would enhance the potential for scientific discovery and innovation, and create business opportunities.

“This agreement provides an opportunity for businesses and organisations at Sydney Science Park to leverage the knowledge, expertise and data that has amassed at Westmead over nearly 40 years,” he said.

More than $3 billion has been committed by government, universities and the private sector over the next decade to upgrade and expand the Westmead precinct’s health services, education and medical research facilities.

These developments are expected to increase employment across the precinct by 70 per cent, to more than 30,000 jobs by 2036. Student numbers are expected to triple, to more than 10,000 over the same period.

The Sydney Science Park is set to be developed on a 280-hectare site at Luddenham, three kilometres from the site of the future Western Sydney airport. Sydney Science Park is expected to provide 12,000 jobs, educate 10,000 students and house more than 10,000 people. Development will start in 2018.

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Quotes from Westmead precinct partners

A selection of quotes from Westmead precinct partners.

This partnership creates promising opportunities to collaborate closely on industry engagement, health research and policy, including the development of medical and biological technology. The opportunity to share resources is a welcome addition to our deep commitment to the future of the Westmead precinct.Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sydney
The combination of science and healthcare at Westmead is setting us up for the next century. The fact that Sydney Science Park are nurturing talent, right from school age and mixing them with some of the most talented minds nationwide, is what makes this partnership so exciting.Dr Michael Brydon, Chief Executive, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network
Innovation and collaboration are core business for Children's Medical Research Institute. We are happy to be linking with Sydney Science Park, which has ambitious goals for research and development.Professor Roger Reddel, Children's Medical Research Institute Director
The connection between Sydney Science Park and members of the Westmead precinct is momentous for the future of scientific research in Western Sydney.Michael Flatley, CEO, Westmead Private Hospital
Partnerships like this extend innovation across our region to grow jobs. We look forward to working with Sydney Science Park to continue translating health research into outcomes that matter to the community.Professor Scott Holmes, acting Vice-Chancellor, Western Sydney University
We welcome this partnership with Sydney Science Park to create new opportunities for collaboration – and to share knowledge, ideas and technology – which will help turn our discoveries into improved outcomes for patients and their families.Professor Tony Cunningham, Executive Director, Westmead Institute for Medical Research

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