Introducing the Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden mid-construction.

It's the start of April and our final tower crane has arrived on-site. We welcome our third and final Westmead crane, the Iron Maiden!

Here are some interesting facts about our newly arriving crane:

  • Being a keen metal fan, the Iron Maiden is painted black! She enjoys many different variations of metal including steel, iron and aluminium.
  • While our other two cranes Cranye West and Sir Lift-a-lot are busy working on our new hospital building, the Iron Maiden is focused on the construction of the new main plaza entry to the building.
  • The Iron Maiden is a little shorter than our other two cranes, standing at only 62 metres high. However, size doesn't matter! She'll be just as busy as the other two, lifting materials approximately four to five times an hour.

Now that all of our cranes are active and working on-site, you'll be able to vote for your favourite crane as we search for Westmead's next top crane! We'll be posting lots of interesting stats about the cranes and their activities on-site so you can decide your favourite!

If you want to know more about our three cranes, or have a question about what's happening on-site, contact us.

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