Info Hub re-opens at Westmead Hospital

Westmead Hospital medical officers Dr Chrishan Dhanapalaratnam and Dr Mathushinee Mohanachandran

The Westmead Redevelopment’s Info Hub has re-opened after a brief holiday due to the refurbishment of Westmead Hospital’s main entrance.

Westmead Redevelopment’s director of communications and engagement Emma Spillett said: “the Info Hub is a key information point for our community and staff - they can find out about the project at any time of the day and share their ideas.

“We’ve displayed and handed out hundreds of fact sheets, held dozens of pop-up events and run video packages on our television.”

Since its opening in May 2016, more than 580 patients, carers, visitors, staff and families have completed an online survey, loaded to two tablets at the hub.

Sixty per cent of respondents said they had a good understanding of the Westmead Redevelopment project while 30 per cent said they wanted more information on the new hospital building. Nearly half thought the Info Hub had helped their understanding of the project.

The Info Hub is open 24 hours a day and is located next to the volunteers’ desk, across from the admissions area.

Following the success of the Info Hub, a second information point was launched in March 2018  to coincide with the installation of a new 3D model of the Westmead precinct. It is located near the Westmead Hospital executive offices on level 2 of E Block. Displays next to the 3D model include fact sheets and the quarterly Precinct Post.

If you have a question about the Westmead Redevelopment, you can contact the project team by email or call the project hotline on 1800 990 296.

What matters to you?

Below are some of the responses to our survey at the Info Hub. They were responses to two questions - “what is most important to you about the future of healthcare at Westmead” and “has the Info Hub helped your understanding of the Westmead Redevelopment project?”

You said:

  • “People get quality service and compassionate care.”
  • “Patient friendly care. Care revolving around patient, not around what's easier for staff.”
  • “We need an app to find our way around.”
  • “Please provide clear information signs about which and where it's located. It's really appreciated if you [have a] directory with maps.”
  • “Services to match the population and client’s needs of the area.”
  • “To provide healthcare to all ages. Learn to understand individual patient needs. Provide excellent care through patience and perseverance no matter the age.”
  • “Innovative treatments and research.”
  • “To be able to see change in developments of cures in a more effective way.”
  • “More public restrooms, more available parking, updated rooms in every ward with newer beds and TVs etc.”
  • “Something for the kids to do would be great because I have 2 little girls. Their mother is in the intensive care unit and the kids are bored stiff during the day. We are there from 10 till 9 o’clock.”
  • “It is very pleasing to hear that the Westmead Redevelopment is moving towards a state-of- the art facility. Also pleasing to hear that people from different educational backgrounds are getting involved in the redevelopment. All having the same mission to improve patient healthcare. This is brilliant news.”

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