Activity-based working at 1 Mons Road

Staff from the Faculty of Dentistry check out O3Hub, the first ABW space at Westmead Hospital.

In March 1901, the Sydney Dental School opened with 17 students, offering a three-year curriculum leading to a licence in dentistry. 

At that time, office workers were lined up in neat rows, busily tapping away at their typewriters.

Now, the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Dentistry at 1 Mons Road is being refurbished, and along with a new physical space, the administrative unit is adopting activity-based working (ABW). 

Acting Dean of Dentistry Professor Heiko Spallek said moving to ABW would give the faculty of dentistry an opportunity to embrace technology and change its workplace culture to achieve its strategic goals. 

“Over the next decade, Sydney Dental School will transform healthcare in our communities by leading the integration of dental with health education, research and clinical service,” he said.

“ABW will allow our academic and professional staff to work more collaboratively to benefit our students, and ultimately the patients in our community.”

ABW is changing the way people work. Instead of being restricted to one space, it allows you to choose the type of space you need, based on the work you’re doing. Staff have access to formal and informal meeting and collaboration spaces, individual and focused-work areas for confidential or quiet work, and break-out spaces for relaxing and socialising. 

Prof Spallek said ABW would support the Faculty of Dentistry’s vision of creating a welcoming, contemporary workplace that fosters collaboration.

“It will enable our staff to work with whoever they need to, when they need to and wherever they need,” he said.

The Faculty of Dentistry is being refurbished by the University of Sydney. Construction is expected to be completed at the end of March 2018. 

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