Help us name our new site crane!

Our very first central acute services building crane on-site.

Very soon, we'll have two new cranes arrive on the central acute services building construction site.

We want you to help us select three names for our three Westmead cranes! Once we land on the three most popular suggestions, we’ll prepare biographies about each crane before we hold the inaugural Westmead’s Next Top Crane competition to ascertain who will be the reigning champion to ”tower” above the other two! The name options are:

  • Crane-ye West (think Kanye West but taller!)
  • Sir Lift-A-Lot
  • I-Lean (Eileen)
  • Matthew McCrane-aughey
  • The Three Stooges (Larry, Curly and Moe)
  • Iron Maiden

Follow the link or vote below and let us know which sparkling personalities you want to see vie for the illustrious title of Westmead’s Next Top Crane. Voting closes on Friday, 23 February, so be sure to cast your votes while you can!

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