People of the Project: Srdjan the leading hand

Srdjan Trifkovic on the central acute services building site.

In this week’s People of the Project feature, we interview on-site leading hand Srdjan Trifkovic. Srdjan’s role involves the on-site management of subcontractors as works are conducted. As the direct liaison with the construction workers, he provides direction and overview on how works will be conducted each day.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, we’re working on extending piling platforms for the piling rig to continue operating. We are also continuing to excavate trenches for the services trades to continue the installation on the in ground services. We’re working in the borrow pit at the front of the site near Hawkesbury Road and getting the area ready for the commencement of the construction of the underground car park and forecourt area.

How long have you been on the job?

I started at Westmead in July 2017.

What do you like most about working in your specific role?

I really enjoy interacting with my colleagues on a daily basis. A large part of my role is communication with lots of different contractors, working on different aspects of the build. That often makes it quite challenging and difficult from a co-ordination perspective, which I find very engaging. It’s always exciting because each day is unique and requires you to think differently about how to solve any prospective challenges. A good example is mitigating vibration and noisy works on-site, which is an important part of my role here at Westmead, to ensure we are reducing the impact of any potential disruptive works as much as possible.

How does working at Westmead compare to other job sites?

A major focus at Westmead is dust control, and we implement a variety of measures to combat airborne dust. We have workers with gurneys hosing down surfaces and water trucks that drive around the precinct and suppress any dust with water. We also have air monitors located at the perimeters of the site. At the end of every day, the results are recorded and put up on a noticeboard for all workers to see. In addition, we have a green dye which is mixed with adhesive. This is sprayed on top of all soil-related work to suppress dust particles while the site is unoccupied overnight.

What’s something you’ll take away from working at Westmead after you finish?

I have definitely noticed the professionalism and great attitudes of the people I’m working with. Everyone’s on the same page about getting the job done, and making sure we’re achieving the best outcomes for everyone. It’s crazy sometimes when you take a step back to witness everyone working together in unison – you’ve got plumbers, electricians, civil infrastructure contractors and construction machinery operating – it’s all happening at once – and importantly, we’re all working together. It’s not often you’ll see multiple different types of trades all working on the same site at the same time.

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