An exciting mulTi-'story'

Posted 30 Jan 2017
Photos of construction work underway on the multi-storey car park

You may have noticed there’s lots happening around the multi-storey construction site at the moment. A large volume of works is currently underway to deliver a key component of parking infrastructure for Westmead.

An important part of the current works is preparing sections of the structure for major concrete pours. Every layer of concrete poured is an average of 240 cubic metres. It takes around 6 hours to pour this much concrete requiring one concrete truck roughly every 10 minutes with each truck carrying just 5 cubic metres of concrete—that’s a lot of concrete trucks!

The construction of the multi-storey car park also includes a landscaped pathway which will connect the new parking areas to the existing Westmead Hospital. There will also be a covered linkway from the multi-storey car park that will connect through to Westmead Hospital via the Westmead Centre for Oral Health.

The opening of the multi-storey car park will represent the first major increase in car parking number at Westmead. It will consist of eight levels, with one below ground and 1250 new spaces.

The new multi-storey will be completed in September 2017. As we work towards its completion we thank staff for their patience and understanding as disruptions continue.

We wish to remind everyone to exercise caution when navigating the precinct, please pay attention to the instructions of onsite traffic control and signage and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the project team on 1800 990 296 or email us.

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