Consumer focus on wayfinding

Consumers, Westmead Redevelopment project team members and an architects at a wayfinding workshop

Finding your way around the Westmead precinct can be a challenge. Community members have told us that walking in and around Westmead’s hospitals and healthcare services can be a daunting, confusing and overwhelming experience.

A group of consumers are working on an important Westmead Redevelopment wayfinding project. The project aims to improve how community members move in and around the precinct, with a focus on the new central acute services building and the refurbished spaces at Westmead Hospital.

A workshop was held this month. Participants reviewed early concept design and mock-ups for signage in and outside the new hospital building. They shared their insights in relation to layout, fonts, size, colour and other formatting, as well as the placement of this signage.

Participants discussed the naming of spaces and buildings, including the frequent use of acronyms and medical jargon, which is confusing for community members and patients.

An arts and culture strategy, which is in development, was also briefly discussed. The group discussed how artworks and design might improve patient and visitor ‘flows’ throughout the precinct as well.

“Being unable to find your way around Westmead, adds to stress levels and can result in other major operational impacts, such as, patients arriving late for appointments,” said Westmead Redevelopment project director Carla Edwards.

“Consumers are challenging our designs, plans and thinking. That’s what we need! Consumers are the end user of the healthcare system. If a sign or journey will not work, we need to know so we can tweak our plans and designs.”

Get involved

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Feedback from the workshop

The rationalisation of a large amount of confusing information on signage boards is a good and commendable initiative. Keep it short and simple.Consumer feedback at the wayfinding workshop
We are very impressed with the idea of simple signage by block naming, such as A, B, D, K, etc. If the whole of hospital complex uses the same identifying methodology of block lettering, it will make it much easier for folks to find their way. We particularly like the idea of after being met by the A to K letters, you then choose your letter destination and all you see along the way to your destination is how to get to your chosen letter.Consumer feedback at the wayfinding workshop
I think there has been some great work in the wayfinding area and I like almost all of the design concepts in relation to wayfinding. Consumer feedback at the wayfinding workshop

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