Stay healthy with free H2O on tap

Representatives from Westmead, CIVIQ and Sydney Water at the launch event.
851x360-water-refill-station-(1).pngWestern Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD), CIVIQ and Sydney Water are urging patients, visitors and staff to swap sugary drinks for fresh free drinking water when they visit Westmead Hospital.
The fresh H2O is on tap at a water refill station located at the hospital’s main entrance.
WSLHD Centre for Population Health deputy director Christine Newman said this concept has been derived from the completion of the “Rethink Your Drink”.
Rethink Your Drink” was a trial at Westmead Hospital which involved the removal of sugary drinks from retail outlets and vending machines throughout the hospital,” Ms Newman said.
“Our staff supported the removal of sugary drinks and they have told us they want more access to fresh drinking water.
“We are health leaders and educators so our community, patients and visitors expect us to lead from example.
“By swapping one 375ml can of soft drink per day to water – in one month you can save more than $150 and reduce your waste-line by 37800 kilojoules and one kilogram of body fat.”
The refill stations are designed to refill bottles rather than dispense water like a bubbler.
“Other benefits are not only providing free, fresh and safe drinking water but also to reduce landfill and help the environment by encouraging people to use refillable water bottles,” Ms Newman said.
“The refill station calculates the number of people refilling their bottles, we can then access their popularity and look to roll them out at other facilities. 
“Members of the Westmead Redevelopment team handed our free drink bottles to patients, visitors and staff.”
Sydney Water spokesperson Jennifer Whittle said we have some of the best drinking water in the world straight from the tap.
“Sydney Water is delighted that Westmead Hospital employees, visitors and staff can consume tap water for free,” Ms Whittle said.
This initiative is part of the NSW Health Healthy Food and Drink in NSW Health Facilities for Staff and Visitors Framework which promotes healthy food and drink choices to help tackle the global issues such as obesity.
The Framework messages are supported by the Make Healthy Normal initiative of NSW Health to encourage people to reassess their lifestyle choices and create a new healthy normal. For more information visit:

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