Capital works projects ramp up

Westmead Hospital lifts are undergoing a major refurbishment program through WSLHD Capital Works

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) capital works are ramping up as we near the end of the financial year. Here’s a look at some of the projects currently taking place.

Main entrance refurbishment 

Westmead Hospital's main entrace foyer is being upgraded with new flooring, paint and furniture, to provide a more welcoming space for patients, carers, families and visitors. This work is expected to be complete in mid-July 2018. 

University Clinics refurbishment 

The University Clinics is undergoing a much-needed make-over, with new flooring and paint. The area will be consistent with other spaces in Westmead Hospital, and makes for a comfortable waiting area for patients, carers and families. This work is expected to be complete at the end of June 2018. Click here for more information. 

Westmead Hospital Library  

Westmead Hospital Library is being upgraded by the University of Sydney, in partnership with Western Sydney Local Health District. It provides a contemporary, education, training and research hub. The refurbished library will open in mid-June. Read more here. 

Westmead Hospital lifts

Westmead Hospital’s lifts are undergoing an extensive upgrade, with the first new patient lifts opening in April 2018. The new lifts are faster and smoother, allowing staff, patients and visitors to travel quickly and safely between floors. The lift refurbishment program will continue until mid-2019. 


The nuclear medicine department will be home to a brand new SPECT-CT. A SPECT scan is primarily used to view how blood flows through arteries and veins in the brain. The new machine replaces an existing machine and offers increased functionality.

New ceilings

All ceilings on level two of Westmead Hospital are being upgraded with new paint and lighting. 

Other works in progress: 

•    Replacement of old water tanks and boilers with a new hot and cold water system 
•    Replacement of nearly 200 fire doors
•    Electrical audit of existing areas in Westmead Hospital, including all wards, cupboards and distribution boards
•    Replacement of implant room switches for building management 
•    Installation of new roof framework in block B of Westmead Hospital and ICPMR  

Construction workers and contractors will be around Westmead Hospital conducting this work. Please exercise caution and follow signage when walking around construction areas.

related information

Read the Westmead Redevelopment refurbishment overview here. 

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