Prototype rooms give staff a test run inside new building

New prototype rooms shell under construction.

If you’ve recently travelled down Dragonfly Drive, you might have noticed the construction work occurring next to the Connectivity Centre. The worksite will be home to the project’s new prototype rooms, which are expected to be completed in August.

The building will contain samples of some of the wards and spaces in the new central acute services building, which is set to be completed in 2020.

Westmead Redevelopment’s director of service redesign Amanda Green said the prototype rooms would house examples of operating theatres, and patient rooms.

“These spaces will be a crucial planning and training tool for staff, students and consumers involved in the planning process, while also giving all staff and the community a chance to get a sense of what the new building will look like inside,” she said.

“It can be a challenge to visualise how our teams will work with patients and carers in new spaces, so the prototype rooms will allow us to do final tests and checks while we refine our new operational processes.

The prototype rooms will be used in training and induction processes; staff will be able to practice common tasks and procedures through scenarios in the prototype rooms. The rooms are expected to remain on-site after the building opens.

The project team are creating a calendar of dates for staff, students and community members to visit, and for staff to use the space for training and simulations. We’ll update you when dates are confirmed.

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