Technology options to improve patient experiences

Westmead Redevelopment consumers share their ideas with the WSLHD ICT team

A workshop, held on May 30, asked consumers how new journey boards and other technologies could positively impact the patient experiences at Westmead.

The workshop was run by Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) information and communications technology (ICT) department, supported by the Westmead Redevelopment project. A number of Westmead Redevelopment consumers attended the workshop and shared their experiences and ideas.

Discussions kicked off with potential improvements to patient communications, with a focus on patients who have had surgery. The group discussed opportunities for improvements for communications with patients, carers and family members - before, during and after surgery. They considered new and existing technologies that could support communications.

Westmead Redevelopment’s director of redevelopment redesign and transformation Carla Edwards said: “we walked the group through a typical patient journey - from before admission to hospital, throughout an entire surgical and discharge experience, then back to the home.”

“There is a very broad range of information that the patient and family requires and technology can support information needs.”

The workshop also discussed the potential for an electronic board, most likely to be placed in a waiting area. This would be a place where carers or family members could track the location of a patient. For privacy, the patient would be identified by a number, which the carer or family would have, rather than using names.

The group supported the idea of a board -they considered how useful this technology could be, particularly if a carer or family member returns for a visit and a patient has been moved to a new part of a hospital.

Other potential electronic notifications, including SMS, were also discussed.

The ICT team is collating feedback and this will inform work underway for the new hospital building and areas undergoing refurbishment inside Westmead Hospital.

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