Demolition underway soon

Left: Westmead now, Right: Artist's impressions of Westmead in 2017

Demolition underway soon

Large demolition works are soon to commence at Westmead in preparation for building the new central acute services building.

The demolition of the old Neonatal and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS) building and car park has started.

You’ll be seeing much more construction activity occurring on the site as the building is demolished. This will include the site hoarding extended to in front of the university clinics entrance, some noise and vibration as well as an increase in construction vehicle movements throughout the precinct.

The demolition represents the start of the main works to build the new central acute services building. We’ll be dismantling the existing structure piece by piece. All the work over the past 2 years has been about setting the precinct up for the future and preparing.

With the increase in activity and disruption across the site, our priority is ensuring that staff, patients and visitors are kept safe whilst these works are ongoing. We are monitoring all works across the site to ensure everything is conducted without risk to stakeholders.

To find out more about what’s upcoming, keep an eye out for more information in the project update, check the Westmead Redevelopment website at:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us on 1800 990 296 or email us at:

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