University of Sydney growing lecture programs

Professor Ben Eggleton (left) and Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo (right)

In supporting Westmead as a great place to work, study and socialise, the University of Sydney is continuing to expand the range of public events it is offering at the precinct.

The University is also for the first time ever holding two ‘Sydney Science Forum’ events at Westmead in 2017. The first of these, “Bright Lights: The Science of Light at the Nanoscale” is happening Wednesday April 26th and promises to be an exciting and adventurous discussion about the potential for nanophotonics to revolutionise technology. This follows the establishment of ‘Sydney Ideas, Westmead’. Last year there were four major public talks on topics including basic medical science, public health and astrophysics.

Event description

Can we fit a whole lab on a chip? Can we squeeze big data highways through nano-circuits? It may be hard to imagine, but all this and much more is possible with nanophotonics, the science of light at the nanoscale.

Nanophotonics research is addressing some of the most important challenges of our time, such as producing cheap and reliable point-of-care medical diagnostic devices and reducing the huge carbon footprint of big data. Be dazzled by the amazing science that underpins these new technologies, and discover how light is making our future bright.

Join us for an illuminating conversation with Professor Ben Eggleton and Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo.

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