Moving strategy on an epic scale

Members of the Westmead Redevelopment project team at the relocation workshop

851x360-decant.pngWith Westmead’s new hospital building opening in a little over two years’ time, planners are already busy preparing a relocation schedule and strategy.

Members of the Westmead Redevelopment project team participated in a planning workshop last week to map the order that departments and services will move into the new central acute services building.

At the start of the workshop, Robyn Campbell, manager of the Stage 2 Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals expansion project, shared her team’s experiences from Stage 1 and Stage 2 at Blacktown Hospital.

Director of clinical strategy and redevelopment Deanne Turner said: “during the workshop, we had a series of laminated cards at the front of the room that represented the many services and departments that will move into the new building.

“As a group, we shuffled the order until we got our first look at when things will move - this will inform our draft schedule. It’s like an epic game of Tetris. How and when do we move two of the busiest emergency departments (EDs) in NSW? Who moves in when, before and after the EDs?”

The draft schedule will now be refined further and will shape a range of documents and project timelines that will be circulated to groups including project user groups (PUGs), heads of departments, nursing unit managers, service directors and members of the executive at Western Sydney Local Health District and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

For staff: If you have any questions about how your department or service is preparing for the opening of the new hospital building, please contact your manager.

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