Next new unit opening in April

Finishing touches underway: new patient room in the inpatient unit (IPU B6)

Westmead Hospital’s new inpatient unit (IPU B6) will open in April. Staff are completing final checks, relocating equipment and stock, and preparing for patients.

A number of wards and the Stomal Therapy Clinic are relocating to IPU B6.

  • Colorectal surgery — moving from B3c
  • Vascular surgery — moving from B3c
  • Oral and maxiofacial surgery — moving from B3c
  • Orthopaedic surgery — moving from D4a
  • Trauma — moving from D4a
  • Stomal Therapy Clinic — moving from B3c

Staff will help patients who are relocating. This will include packing and relocating personal belongings to the new unit and ensuring care, meals and showers are scheduled at the appropriate time.

We’ll let you know the move date in the coming days. More information and fact sheets are to follow.

If you require more information please contact us on or 1800 990 296.

This refurbishment completes stage one of the Westmead Hospital refurbishment program. The program is transforming over 30 per cent of clinical areas between 2017 to 2022. Read more about the program.

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