Say hello to our new site cranes

Our freshly named cranes in all their glory.

851x360-rap-cranes-(4).PNGIntroducing our new cranes, Crane-ye West and Sir Lift-a-lot! The project team are proud to announce the two winners of the crane voting competition. We’ll have more to say about the elusive third crane when she arrives on-site in April. But for now, here’s a little introduction from both Sir Lift-a-Lot and Crane-ye…

Sir Lift-a-Lot had this to say:

“I lift big, loads and I cannot lie, you other cranes can’t deny, that when a truck rolls in on 18 wheels and a trailer full of steel, you get sprung!’

Crane-ye west added:

“I ain’t sayin’ she a soil digger, but she be hangin’ with no crane riggers!”

We also took some great footage of our two cranes on-site this week, be sure to check it out below!

Our cranes will have plenty more to say in the coming weeks. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out what our cranes are up to each week!

Crane aerial video

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