SCHN chief executive checks out site progress


SCHN chief executive Michael Brydon visited recently visited the central acute services building site to review progress on the structure.

SCHN Chief Executive Dr Michael Brydon recently visited the new hospital building site to review its progress and learn more about the procedures involved in the early construction phases of the building.

"It's been enlightening to see what’s involved in building the foundations of the site. To see the start of formwork being erected for the building lift wells was very interesting. Being on-site among the bases of the massive structural elements gives you a feel for the scale of the building."

"I've been told that we can expect the lift cores to be up at 2-3 levels a month. It’s very exciting to think how rapidly this will now progress."

Project director Tim Mason added that other activity across the site would also increase rapidly.

"There's already so much happening across the site, it's hard to believe it will be getting even busier. We currently have about 100 workers on-site with a projected peak of 900 over the life of the project so we'll definitely be seeing much more activity to come. We've also poured approximately 1500m3 of concrete of a projected total 35,000m3, that's a lot of concrete to be poured between now and 2020."

If you think 1500m3 of concrete sounds small, why not check out our timelapse footage of the very first concrete pour to occur on the site of the new hospital building below.

Concrete pour

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