Our community shares their ideas for Westmead

Four photos from recent workshops - left column with members from the Tamil community and right with members from the Chinese community

The extensive community consultation period continues at the Westmead Redevelopment. Culturally and linguistically diverse community groups and representatives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, have provided their insights and suggestions during a series of workshops and discussions.

Since April, the project team has visited a number of community groups across western Sydney. Team members have discussed the plans and designs for the acute services building (which opens in 2020) and healthcare services provided at the Westmead precinct.

Participants have seen artist’s impressions of the new hospital building and shared what matters to them in new clinical spaces and healthcare services.

Community groups consulted so far include groups representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Tamil, Chinese, African, Arabic-speaking and Malaysian communities.

Workshops and discussions continue through to the end of the June, with events confirmed with Bhutanese, African, Afghani and Hazaragi communities.

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