Little construction experts inspect the site

The Westmead Redevelopment with members of The Children's Hospital at Westmead school.

Our littlest experts visited the construction site recently to check up on progress of the new hospital building!

Project director Tim Mason and representatives from Multiplex were on-hand to answer questions from the kids about the site.

The recent site tour followed an earlier school visit from Tim and the Multiplex team, who visited the kids in-house to explain some of the activity that takes place on a construction site.

"The kids had plenty of questions about how concrete is poured onto the site and where it comes from," Tim said.

Multiplex provided a show-and-tell of some materials from the site, including concrete and construction aggregate, for the kids to check out.

"It was a valuable learning experience for the kids to understand how a construction substance like concrete is formed and what components go into the concrete recipe to ensure it's functional as a bonding agent," Tim said.

"There's a great curiosity and eagerness to learn about what we do on the site. Especially when we showed them the cranes and diggers working on-site. You could see their eyes light up!"

The Westmead Redevelopment project team are making regular visits to The Children's Hospital at Westmead school to support the school's construction study unit.

We'll be visiting again soon to talk more about what it takes to build such a tall building!

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