Students unveil solutions to real-world problems

Students make their pitches to the panel at the mid-point presentation.

University of Sydney students will unveil their solutions for improving health literacy and way-finding at a Westmead presentation next Tuesday.

A key part of the university’s new undergraduate curriculum, launched in semester 1 2018, the industry and community project units (ICPU) offer real-world projects for interdisciplinary teams of students, giving them authentic experience in industry, government and community challenges. 

The Westmead Redevelopment was one of the first partners to collaborate with the university on these ICPUs, continuing the trend of the Westmead Precinct offering new and unique educational experiences.

This semester, the university partnered with WSLHD’s Health Literacy Hub and Westmead Redevelopment, allowing student groups to work on a significant challenge identified by each organisation.

Students working on way-finding solutions initially met with Westmead consumers, including members of the Western Sydney Local Health District Youth Council and the Westmead Redevelopment Consumer Reference Group, to gather their feedback on current and future way-finding across the campus.

This group then participated in a redevelopment-led briefing session, focused on its digital way-finding strategy before a mid-point presentation.

The health literacy and way-finding students will present their project solutions for assessment 2-4pm on Tuesday, October 30 in the John Loewenthal Auditorium at the Westmead Education and Conference Centre, Westmead Hospital. All students, staff and community members are encouraged to attend.

The event is free; no need to register. 

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