Art, culture and play is a very important aspect of The Children's Hospital at Westmead's approach to healing.

Our project will include a comprehensive arts and cultural strategy which incorprates play, disovery and placemaking to create welcoming and healing environments in our new building.

We'll have more information soon, but if you can't wait, check out these links:

How does art fit into hospitals - Art in Health aims to improve patient, staff and carer experience in health services through artistic engagement. 

Medical play - how play can help reduce anxiety in hospital and normalise the hosptial experience for children

Art trails - The Children's Hospital at Westmead has always been a world leader in integrating art and culture into a hospital setting. You can explore the existing public art collection using the suggestions on Hospital's art trails page.

NSW Health and the Arts Framework  - outlines how we can improve the patient, staff and carer experience in health services through engagement with The Arts in the
broadest sense. This includes creating a sense of place in health services, enhancing design and ‘wayfinding’, engaging communtiies htrough the arts, and integrating the arts into the design of new spaces.