New car park

Above: early concept for the car park - design now in progress

The new multi-storey car park for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead will provide at least 860 parking spaces to meet the hospital’s current and future parking needs.
Conveniently located off Redbank Road, the new car park will have an attractive architectural façade, easy parking for vehicles and bikes, and the potential for a future coffee cart and artworks to create a lively atmosphere as you enter the hospital. 
The site was selected because of its convenient location close to the hospital staff and Galleria entries. The site also meets our requirements for long-term precinct planning. 
Work is expected to start in late 2021 and be completed by 2023. 

About the car park
  • The final design is yet to be decided, but the new car park would have at least 860 spaces. 
  • Mobility parking for staff and visitors is a priority – the best strategy for mobility parking (including disabled parking) will be developed in consultation with our staff and families. 
  • In the first instance, the new car park will be the preferred car park for staff parking, while P6 on Hainsworth Street will continue to be the preferred visitor parking because it’s closest to the main entry. 
  • The project includes new landscaping, pathways and playground improvements. 

For staff 

  • The new cark park will mean an end to interim parking arrangements for staff. There will be no need to walk or bus from the rear of the campus. 
  • The new car park also replaces parking spaces lost to redevelopment (including P17), plus extra spaces for current and future parking needs. 

Playground relocation

  • The existing playground at the back of the hospital will be closed during construction as it is too close to the development site. 
  • A new playground will be created as part of the car park development, and will include equipment for a range of age groups and abilities.
  • Elements of the existing George Gregan playground will also be transferred. 
  • The playground design is now being planned with the help of staff, family representatives, and playground designers.
  • We'll keep you up-to-date about the design as planning progresses.

During construction

  • Safety and patient comfort is our first priority and there will be strict measures in place to manage construction activity. 
  • Pedestrian pathways will change. For staff who park outside the hospital and walk in, this will mean a change to entries, but temporary paths will be clearly marked.  
  • Construction will start in late 2021 and we will keep you up-to-date with any changes as the project progresses.

The big picture

  • Our transport plan includes parking to meet the current and future needs of the hospitals, and replace parking areas which are needed for redevelopment. 
  • But in the future, we need to reduce reliance on cars whenever possible, and promote opportunities to walk and cycle, or use bus, train, Parramatta Light Rail and the future Sydney West Metro.  
  • Precinct planning will focus on creating a new civic heart for Westmead, with a walkable, well-connected and accessible health and education precinct, and a revitalised, high amenity living and employment centre. 

Project snapshot

Project: New multi-storey car park
Scope: At least 860 car spaces
Current status: Planning stage
Contract: Design and construct
Construction start: early works from 2021
Construction complete: approx 2023 


Playground relocation

George Gregan Foundation Playground

The existing playground at the back of the hospital will be relocated as part of the car park project. Equipment and creatures from the George Gregan playground will be reused wherever possible, and new equipment and landscaping will help create a fun and inviting space for kids of all ages and abilities. Planning is now underway. More information soon.