Staff are at the centre of implementing activity-based working (ABW) at Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD). We have expert ABW facilitators on-board who are staff members themselves, and have been specifically trained in delivering ABW for our health district. The facilitators will work locally with staff to define workplace vision and aspirations, co-create concept plans, and undertake change management workshops and evaluation. 

We use a four-phase methodology to develop, implement and evaluate ABW in each space. The four phases are: 

Principles of planning and design

The WSLHD principles for planning and designing activity-based workspaces are:

  • Promote collaborative working
  • Promote flexible workspaces and choice for staff
  • Provide an IT-enabled working environment
  • Provide formal and informal meeting and quiet areas, and a bookable system to manage them. 
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality
  • Provide a working environment that reflects WSLHD as a leader in innovation, collaboration, health service delivery, research and education