Projects in progress

Westmead Redevelopment ABW projects


A section of E2 needs to be demolished to make way for a linking corridor into the new hospital building. The nursing and clinical support service, including patient flow and after-hours nurse managers, will join Westmead Hospital executive in the new space. These services are a core function of our hospitals so we are creating a new zone for them in the refurbished E2, allowing a close connection to the new and old buildings. Read more here. 

Central acute services building

ABW will be a critical part of both clinical and non-clinical spaces in the new central acute services building. Staff working in the building will have access to cutting-edge clinical, collaborative and social spaces.

Wslhd ABW projects

Merrylands Community Health Centre

The Merrylands Community Health Centre is being upgraded by WSLHD as part of the NSW Government’s HealthOne strategy to improve access to general practice and primary care. Staff working at the centre will adopt ABW to better support their activities and continue to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care. Read more here

Westmead Hospital Library

Westmead Hospital Library is being refurbished by the University of Sydney, in partnership with WSLHD. Library staff will adopt ABW so they can spend less time on transactional tasks like administration and processing books, and more time supporting staff and students in education, training and research. Read more here

University of Sydney Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry at 1 Mons Road is being refurbished, and along with a new physical space, the administrative unit will adopt ABW to embrace technology, change its workplace culture and achieve its strategic goals. Read more here